so… sick…

can’t… stay upright… or… speak at… normal… rate…

Had I not been huddled under my duvet with the chills, I would have posted on Thursday… and Friday… but alas, I’m still not so good with the remaining upright and focusing on my computer screen -type stuff.

So instead, I’m giving you a teaser. What are these photographs about? Please, give me an entertaining narrative. I’ll blog about them for real when I’m feeing better.


3 thoughts on “so… sick…

  1. Oh dear…

    Picture #1: I can’t think of anything really entertaining here. Obviously, this has something to do with pre-packed lunches, but I have no ideas.

    Picture #2: Again, not very entertaining, but maybe this is showing your latest craft project?

    Picture #3: I should probably not say what I’m thinking, so instead I will just ask if you were planning a post that outlines all the things you can do with a phallus-shaped loofah! Okay, don’t tell me you didn’t see it! Look at it and assume a side view. The left bump looks like…the..umm…SMALLER bits, and the right side looks like…umm…err…a hot dog! Yeah, that’s it!

    I hope you are entertained!

  2. Yup, my first thought was – um, “cock and balls”. I can’t help it! I read a lot of pornography before becoming frum!
    Ted’s guess is that they all have something to do with TEXTURES. Maybe some montessori sensory thing that involves cheesy bears, silky kimonos and hairy… things?

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