Tiny Torah

by Decemberbaby

Almost a year ago, I decided that K should have a toy Torah. She could carry it around at shul, dress and undress it, open and close it… in short, it would be a great toy that would also nurture her budding sense of Jewishness. There was only one problem. Actually, two. The first problem was that the only toy Torah I could find was the same plush version everybody else had; the second problem was that this was basically a pillow shaped like a Torah, one piece with no bits to take off, put on, open or close. It seemed pretty unexciting to me.

I think you know what’s coming next…

I decided to make my own toy Torah. I raided a pile of scraps for a beautifully shiny fabric for the cover, a textured fabric for the parchment, and something brown for the wooden handles. A bit of ribbon off a package of washcloths, some stuffing, a bit of leftover velcro, and some gold thread later… a Torah was born.

I had other ideas for it, like doing a transfer onto the parchment with a sentence or two of Torah text or doing an applique on the cover to make it prettier and more like the real Torahs K has seen. But time won out over perfectionism, and it’s been well received even without those embellishments.

Have a look:


6 Responses to “Tiny Torah”

  1. I LOVE this Torah!! LOOOOOOOOVE.
    As for “the one that everyone has” I know exactly which one you’re talking about. It’s not a Torah! It’s a recatngle with 2 blobs sticking out the top and bottom.
    What an inventive treat.

  2. Good for you for taking an active role in instilling your faith in your children! Beautiful job!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I think you are right that it is good for the little ones to have a tiny Torah of their own. I think I may be making one for Froggy.

  4. Please, PLEASE post this on Creative Jewish Mom!
    It’s BRILLIANT!!!


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