Winter camping

by Decemberbaby

Saturday night. Shabbat was over… and still two hours to bedtime. What’s a family to do?

We went camping. I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

Once we had pitched K’s tent, it got very dark. Have you ever noticed how loud it is at night when you’re camping? When we listened, K and I could identify the sound of our white noise machine crickets and tree frogs. K took her flashlight and led Mr. December on an expedition to find flammable chemical goodness firewood, and, with our heat source ensured, we turned our attention to dinner:


Yup, we boiled on the stove, then warmed roasted hot dogs on the fire. To K’s delight, she was allowed a juice box (a great treat, and her second of the day) to wash down her dinner.


So… the campsite is set up, the fire is roaring, dinner has been eaten and cleaned up. Now what?



Well, sometimes nature calls. So K and Mr. December went to visit the potty kybo, with flashlight firmly in hand. Afterwards we entertained ourselves with a campfire sing-along.


Many songs later, our intrepid camper crawled into her tent and bedded down in a pile of blankets.




… and there she slept all night. Being the impulsive spontaneous people we are, we didn’t quite anticipate the loss of our living room for the evening. With our plans for Agricola and Big Bang Theory foiled, we took to our bedroom with some serious reading and went to sleep at a reasonable hour for a change.






So, to sum up:

  • One package of kosher hot dogs: $4
  • One flashlight from the 24-hour drugstore: $8
  • One dollar-store juicebox: $0.25
  • White noise machine: $30 (but of course we already owned this)
  • A Saturday night the whole family loved: priceless.

3 Comments to “Winter camping”

  1. Gosh, is that ever cute!

  2. Very cute! I’ve never figured out why, but kids just love to sleep in made-up tents indoors. Maybe it’s just the novelty of not sleeping in their beds.

  3. That is too sweet!!!
    (i’ve just started blogging again…)

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