motivated mama

by Decemberbaby

For those who don’t know, I have struggled with clinical depression. I take antidepressants, the dose of which has been significantly reduced. I’m particularly affected when we “fall back” and the days get so much darker, and yet I’m hesitant to increase my medication.

So today I did the only logical thing… I finally hauled out my full-spectrum lightbox and sat in front of it for 45 minutes. I don’t know whether it’s supposed to affect me so quickly, but after my phototherapy session I was able to tidy my craft room, sew a waterproof mitten, pick the kid up from school, make an attractively-plated lunch, read half a novel, deal with some banking, and then whip up a quick dough for garlic breadsticks (recipe can follow, if you want it). All this between 10:30 and 5 pm, and I didn’t get that sleepy feeling I usually do in the afternoons.

I hope this was a result of the light therapy, and not just a fluke. I’ve got projects to finish: three personalized baby blankets, a pair of fleece pj’s for K, a mobile for N… and that’s not mentioning all the tidying and organizing that needs to be done. Ah, full-spectrum lightbox, how I love thee. Take that, Zol*ft!


One Comment to “motivated mama”

  1. I sure hope that’s what it was! Boy, this winter is colder, darker and more miserable than usual – and it’s not even ACTUAL winter yet, as I keep having to tell the kids…

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