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If I knew now what I knew then…

K is driving me crazy.

The school pickup is arguably the worst, although her (mis)behaviour happens all the time. She simply does. not. listen. I give a set of simple instructions, as in, “It’s time to leave. Please put on your coat and find your boots.” She ignores me. She curls up on the floor and claims to be a baby sheep in her pen. She screams and cries. It takes us 25 minutes to leave the school.

I remember, about ten years ago, being very successful at dealing with difficult behaviours. I used to work with kids with special needs, and tantrums were a regular occurrence. I was consistent, I was dispassionate, and I was effective. I feel as though my former self would have some good things to say to me on this topic. Maybe my former self should start an advice column. Maybe she will.

One thought on “If I knew now what I knew then…

  1. Ah, wintertime. Really, I find myself doing the grown-up equivalent of the baby sheep act when it’s time to go out; anything to avoid the jacket and boots!

    Miscellaneous tips you probably already thought of:
    – plan something really GREAT together for when she gets home; remind her right away when you get to school
    – don’t act rushed – easier said than done, but they can sense it and do dig in heels when they pick up that vibe
    – choices: “Here are your coat and boots: what do you want to put on first?” (if Naomi doesn’t want to get dressed, I sometimes make a deal where she does one thing first, then I do one thing, alternating ’till she’s done)
    – special toy, CD or treat for the car (this is a variation on #1, because I’m out of ideas!)

    Hmm… let her run to the car in bare feet without a jacket? (don’t think I haven’t resorted to this one with any of my kids in the past!)

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