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Birthday gift anxiety – opinions, please!

Well, the day has come. K has been invited to a birthday party. A gift, one presumes, is required.

I haven’t had to do this before. All the birthdays we’ve been to so far have been for kids I know well, and many of them have been “no gifts, please!”  Frankly, none of the kids we know needs anything, and I hate the idea of adding more licensed plastic crap to anyone’s home.

Now, I was thinking of making the kid a cool personalized placemat with her name, a pocket to hold a cloth napkin (also included), and maybe some cute cutlery. Before you go all “whaaaa?” you should know that at Montessori, each child brings a fabric placemat for lunch every day. Rolling out their placemats and unpacking their lunches onto said placemats are part and parcel of the lunchtime routine. So a cute placemat would actually be useful.

Still, is this a terrible idea? Will it seem cheap of me? It’s not so much the money I hate to spend, but the soul-sucking time in what passes for a mall near Christmastime, not to mention that I’m starting to really hate buying things I can make myself.

Comments, please. Help me do the right thing before I stunt my child socially!

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